Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium

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    Mixed Use


    St. Louis, Missouri

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    1.2 million sf

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    Energy Analysis

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Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium is the home of the St. Louis Cardinals. Construction of the new downtown ballpark was completed on April 10, 2006, with a portion of the new structure occupying the former stadium’s footprint. The stadium offers a retro-classic feel, with panoramic views of the downtown skyline and over 46,000 seats and 61 luxury suites. The building space tops out at over 1.2 million square feet, and as one might expect, it has some very complex systems and operating parameters.

 Leading the way among his peers in Major League Baseball teams, Joe Abernathy, Vice President of Stadium Operations, has enrolled the stadium in a green efficiency effort to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainable stadium operation. Quest Energy Group worked closely with Microgrid Energy, the official energy manager for the stadium, as part of a full-scale energy analysis and audit effort in order to identify potential energy conservation measures for the stadium. Major measures considered included adding insulation to the floors in office areas, installing high efficiency LED lighting, improving current lighting switching and circuitry, installing energy recovery units, improved exhaust controls, improved ventilation to electrical rooms, steam condensate rework, water-cooled chillers, and thermal storage. With the inclusion of all measures identified in the study, there is potential for the stadium’s annual utility usage to be reduced by nearly 17%.

Financial performance is a very important criterion for the stadium owners. Using the Quest energy model as a planning tool, Abernathy’s team was able to make informed decisions about spending and long-term capital planning for the facility. The Quest model also serves as a platform that will be used for evaluating future energy efficiency measures that might be proposed to the operations team.

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