eBay Global Customer Service Center

eBay Global Customer Service Center

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    Data Center


    Draper, Utah

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    Energy Analysis; Energy Code Compliance; LEED Energy Analysis

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Okland Construction

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eBay Global Customer Service Center

eBay’s new LEED Gold Global Customer Service Center, consists of a 192,000 square foot Marketplace Building and a connected, 51,000 square foot Amenities building. The new multi-building facility was completed as part of the master plan for 4 total buildings, and a multi-level parking garage.  The Marketplace building houses 1,900 employees dedicated to Customer Service, Security, Legal and Human Resources.  The Amenities building includes Reception, Gift Shop, 480-seat Auditorium, training & fitness facilities, full service kitchen, dining area, locker rooms and loading dock.  The total site area totals 36 acres and includes 1,900 surface  parking stalls.  The plaza area between the buildings accommodates social gatherings, an outdoor patio, and sport courts.

This project utilizes energy efficient mechanical systems with indirect/direct evaporative cooling providing the primary means of cooling for a complex designed to house 1,900 occupants, in open office workstations. Receptacle loads were calculated based upon equipment listings for each workstation (totaling in approximately 5.9 W/sf). The dedicated data server room adds an estimated 88kW of connected load. Both the Marketplace workstations and the data server room are on uninterruptable power supply. Overall, receptacle loads make-up roughly 40% of the projected annual energy usage.

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