Empire State Building

Empire State Building

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    Office Building


    New York, New York

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    2.6 million sf

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    Investment Grade Audits

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Empire State Building

Built during the Great Depression, the Empire State Building symbolizes America’s limitless potential. Today the building is undergoing a major sustainability retrofit effort to become a leading example of economic and environmental revitalization. The 102 story, 2,600,000 SF building receives more than 3 million visitors each year.

Consulting, design, and construction partners Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI), Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), recently completed an 8 month modeling and analysis project which is projected to save 38 percent of the building’s energy and $4.4 million annually. Quest Energy Group worked with JCI to complete a Comprehensive Energy Model (eQUEST) of the Empire State Building. This energy model was used to estimate savings and complete a life-cycle-cost analysis of the proposed energy and cost  saving measures.

The first phase of implementation will include replacing 6,500 windows with high performance glass. To accomplish this, a 5,000 square foot processing space will be built onsite and will serve as the production line for the insulating SeriousGlass glass units. Radiant reflective barriers will be added to all steam heating units to reduce heat losses. An upgrade of the Direct Digital Control (DDC) system is another cost effective strategy to improve energy efficiency in the building which plans to include Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV). This system will make use of CO2 sensors to optimize the levels of outside air that are introduced to the building. The chiller plant and chilled water distribution system will be extensively renovated to improve efficiency through the use of variable speed drives.

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