Optima Camelview Village

Optima Camelview Village

Project Details

Building Type:

    Mixed Use


    Scottsdale, Arizona

Square Footage

    1.6 million

Project Type

    Building Commissioning; LEED Energy Analysis

Project Team


Optima Camelview Village, LLC


David Hovey Associates


Peterson Associates



Optima Construction, Inc.

CX Agent:

Quest Energy Group

Optima Camelview Village

Optima Camelview Village is one of the most architecturally interesting properties in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is a mixed use facility including retail and office space, as well as 720 urban residential flats in 11 six and seven story terraced towers. The Optima Camelview Village is currently pursuing LEED silver certification.

Optima Camelview Village buildings’ most visible design feature is the extensive use of strategic landscaping to both create a “green” living environment and function as a “green roof” to absorb water and reduce solar gain. Due to the high glazing area, the buildings were carefully oriented on the site to provide shade to one another in addition to extensive exterior shades. High efficiency water cooled heat pumps provide space cooling to the recreational center and retail areas, while air-cooled vertical units serve the residential flats. Optima Camelview Village also has a photovoltaic system on the site which will provide approximately 7,000 kWh of energy per year. 

Through the careful planning of these energy efficient features, these buildings have achieved over 18% energy cost savings over ASHRAE 1999 standards. Quest was responsible for both the energy modeling and building commissioning.

Articles & Media

American Architecture Award
European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies
Professional Builder
Valley Forward Association’s 28th Annual Environmental Excellence Awards
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