Scottsdale Senior Center at Granite Reef

Scottsdale Senior Center at Granite Reef

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    Mixed Use


    Scottsdale, Arizona

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    36,000 sf

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    LEED Energy Analysis

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Scottsdale Senior Center at Granite Reef

The Scottsdale Senior Center at Granite Reef has incorporated energy consciousness into every aspect of the building design earning this facility LEED Gold certification.

The efficient designs begin at the exterior of the building where the front entrance is shaded by a dual purpose cover that it provides solar control as well as generating renewable power through integrated photovoltaics.  High performance glazing and insulation systems improve energy efficiency of the building envelope reducing the load on the mechanical systems and reducing overall energy consumption. 

A high efficiency lighting system has been installed which is 23% better than ASHRAE 90.1 (2001).  The lighting design also employs more than 60 occupancy sensors placed throughout the building to automatically turn off lights when the building is unoccupied. 

The HVAC system design utilizes variable air volume air handlers and high efficiency variable speed chillers. A water-side economizer is also utilized to provide free cooling via the cooling tower when ambient wet-bulb temperatures are favorable.  The system is further optimized through CO2 sensors and a demand controlled ventilation system which is ideal for a space such as the community center which has a variable occupancy rate. 

A 40 kW photovoltaic system was installed in cooperation with Salt River Project.  This system is expected to produce 61,000 kWh or 13% of occupant energy consumption each year.  The semi-transparent shading system mentioned previously adds to this production.  

Overall the energy conscious designs and energy producing features of the Senior Center will achieve $30,960 (43%) in annual utility savings per year as compared to a minimally compliant ASHRAE 90.1 building for the City of Scottsdale.  

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