Tucson Interagency Fire Center

Tucson Interagency Fire Center

Project Details

Building Type:

    Mixed Use


    Tucson, Arizona

Square Footage

    12,500 sf

Project Type

    LEED Energy Analysis

Project Team



Will Architects


Air-Zona Systems Engineering, Inc.


Air-Zona Systems Engineering, Inc.


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Tucson Interagency Fire Center

The United States Forest Services
Department built a new call center and administration building in Tucson,
Arizona. The building was designed with energy efficiency in mind and
has achieved LEED gold certification under the new LEED version 3.

Some notable features include a
21kW photovoltaic system which produces around 20% of the annual electricity
used at the facility, a high efficiency roof with R-30 batt insulation with
R-10 continuous insulation to help dampen sound in addition to a cool roof to
help reduce heat island effect.  Additional measures include a high
performance glass, high efficiency interior and exterior lighting including
occupancy sensors, and high efficiency HVAC units.  Overall, the
building is able to achieve savings of over 32% on annual
utility costs.

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