Energy Modeling

We perform energy analysis and modling for a wide variety of project types and clients. We use energy analysis for code compliance, utility incentives, energy efficiency tax deductions ( 179D), and performance analysis.

We have been involved in hundreds of LEED projects.  Of these, 118 have achieved LEED certification to date.  These projects encompass of variety of building sectors ranging from office buildings, schools and universities, laboratories, data centers, and manufacturing facilities. We provide a turnkey LEED energy solution from the initial design charrette through the LEED online submittable.

We have experience in LEED NC, LEED CI, and LEED EB.  While we have completed full LEED submitals, our focus is typically on the following credits:

  • EA Prerequisite 2: Minimum Energy Performance
  • EA Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance
  • EA Credit 2: On Site Renewable Energy
  • EA Credit 5: Measurement and Verification
  • EA Credit 6: Green Power
  • EQ Credit 7.1: Thermal Comfort Design

Whether you choose go through the formal LEED certification process, or are just interested in using LEED standards as a design guideline, Quest will work with the design team and property owner to find the most cost-effective and energy efficient building design.