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Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

Owner: Drury Southwest, Inc.

Certified: August 2009

Project Size: 112,000 ft²

Architect: David Alberson

Energy Cost Savings: 32.7%

LEED Certification: Silver

Project Overview

The Drury Inn & Suites in Flagstaff located conveniently near Sedona and the Grand Canyon, is a six-story hotel and has been equipped with features to help minimize its impact on the natural surroundings. Closely situated next to Northern Arizona University, the Drury Inn takes advantage of using water from the chilled water loop on campus eliminating the need for chillers. It is one of many new hotels to receive LEED Silver certification and has made the companies commitment to bring all new hotels up to a minimum of LEED Silver ratings.

Sustainability Features
  • 50% reduction in potable landscape water use

  • 20% reduction in baseline indoor water use

  • Two high efficiency boilers with a thermal efficiency of 90%

  • High efficiency laundry system which reduces water usage by approximately 12%

  • A solar hot water heater is used to supplement pool and spa heating

  •  Foam insulated roof

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