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Location: Tempe, Arizona

Owner: Cousins Properties

Certified: March 2016

Project Size: 143,400 ft²

Architect: Davis Architecture

Energy Cost Savings: 15.6%

LEED Certification: Gold

Project Overview

Hayden Ferry Lakeside, located on the corner of Rio Salado and Mill, began with the development of Tempe Town Lake in the late 1990’s. Today it is one of the most important business addresses in all of Metropolitan Phoenix, and a frequently featured ‘Chamber of Commerce style advertisement’ for the State of Arizona. By implementing low flow water closets, faucets, showers, and water efficient landscaping the building saves the equivalent of 80 18,000 gallon pools per year.

Sustainability Features
  • High efficiency LED fixtures

  • 50% diversion of construction and demolition debris

  • 40% reduction in baseline indoor water use

  • 50% reduction in potable landscape water use

  • High efficiency glass

  • Magnetic chillers

  • Energy savings equivalent to a reduction of 57 cars every year

  • 45,000 sqft of open space, exceeding code by 486%

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