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Location: Vorsino, Russia

Owner: L'Oréal

Certified: July 2018

Project Size: 140,000 ft²

Energy Cost Savings: 46%

LEED Certification: Platinum

Project Overview

In 2015, L’Oréal decided to implement the second phase of the investment project, creating an extension of 13,700 square meters. The extension allowed to double the capacity of production, to produce new products and to integrate highly efficient modern technologies aimed at preserving the environment. The extension project started in March 2016, and the first tests of equipment and production of Garnier skincare products were carried out in July 2017. By implementing the Group’s sustainability program, the Russian plant was able to reduce its water consumption by 77% and to achieve zero waste to landfill. L’Oréal aims to have zero carbon emissions by 2020. LEED administration was completed by HPBS, a Moscow based environmental firm.

Sustainability Features
  • 502 kW solar powered plant

  • Occupancy sensors and high efficiency LED fixtures throughout

  • Automatic daylighting controls for skylights

  • Reduced water consumption by 46%

  • Biomass Boiler

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