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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Owner: Escape Adventures, Inc.

Certified: June 2013

Project Size: 10,000 ft²

Architect: Creative Fit

Energy Cost Savings: 100%

LEED Certification: Platinum

Project Overview

Las Vegas Cyclery represents a new standard for environmental stewardship and retail business with a commitment to green building and improved indoor air quality for the benefit of employees and customers. By prioritizing a healthy retail environment, this building promotes occupant health and happiness. The building was designed to meet 100% of its energy needs, with renewable energy sources, throughout the year.

Sustainability Features
  • 53 kW solar powered system consisting of over 195 panels located on the roof and parking structures

  • 5 kW wind turbine

  • Occupancy sensors and high efficiency LED fixtures throughout

  • Low flow water fixtures reduce water use by more than 40%

  • Upside-down roof with insulation on the outside of the roof and double thick for summers

  • More than 20% of the materials that went into the project were composed of recycled materials

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