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Location: Tempe, AZ

Owner: Transwestern Investment Group, JDM Partners LLC

Certified: February 2017

Project Size: 2,040,000 ft²

Architect: Davis Architecture

Energy Cost Savings:

LEED Certification: Silver

Project Overview

Since Busch Stadium began improvements soon after it opened in 2006, the ballpark reduced energy use by 23% (down to 161.2 kBtu per square-foot from 211.8 after normalizing for weather). That’s a savings of about $150,000 annually. Part of the savings are due to a 2011 energy audit that resulted in the replacing more than 1,000 traditional spotlights and floodlights with LED lamps to cut lighting power demand in several areas by 90%, the implementation of a ventilation control scheme in electrical rooms to eliminate the year-round use of the equivalent of a 100-ton air conditioner, and the installation of small cooling systems for the scoreboard control room and video coaching room to substitute for huge HVAC units meant for larger areas. Additionally, a new heat exchanger was installed to recover heat waste and reduce the amount of heat that must be generated by the stadium.

Sustainability Features
  • High performance Low-e glass (Viracon VE2-55) is used for each of the windows.

  • Total savings of 752,310 pounds of CO2 emissions this year

  • 17.8% energy cost savings above ASHRAE energy standards

  • 204,174 kWh saved annually

  • Achieved a silver rating in LEED certification with 37 credits

  • Lighting is 8% better than ASHRAE standards and utilizes occupancy sensors to increase energy efficiency

  • Water conservation measure that captures condensation from air-handler units

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