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Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Owner: Reforma Bicentenario

Certified: June 2017

Project Size: 1,450,000 ft²

Architect: ZVA Group

Energy Cost Savings: 28.7%

LEED Certification: Platinum

Project Overview

The building is 37 stories and is distinguished by its triangular form. The clean design lines give it a modern and clean look. The project features high-performance architectural glass that provides extensive natural light, while mitigating negative solar radiation. It is a high performance green building and employs the latest technology in order to maximize energy efficiency as well as air and light quality.

Sustainability Features
  • Variable speed HVAC and magnetic chillers

  • Under-floor air distribution system

  • CO2 sensors in the HVAC system

  • High performance duo-vent facade that transmits 60% more natural light than normal glass

  • Rainwater capture system

  • Water treatment plant

  • 40% water usage reduction

  • Extensive use of recycled materials

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