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Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Owner: Propuesta Urbana 

Certified: August 2015

Project Size: 138,000 ft²

Architect: Legorreta + Legorreta

Energy Cost Savings: 31.2%

LEED Certification: Gold

Project Overview

Terraesperanza is a 10 story mixed-use facility located in Guatemala City, Guatemala, consisting of a combination of residential, office space, coffee/dining, and recreation/gymnasium/pool areas. The project features a green roof overlooking Guatemala City that attracts many residents and visitors .

Sustainability Features
  • Residential units that rely solely on natural ventilation

  • High efficiency lighting system

  • Masonry high mass wall systems with exterior shading for solar control

  • Green roof

  • Solar hot water systems designed to meet the majority of the domestic hot water and pool heating requirements

  • 312,338 kWh annual utility savings

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